What makes a coworking space?

Co working spaces vary; some are specifically created for a collaborative workplace, others may be community lots which can be re-purposed for workers. Although each of these lots differ from each other in their policies and operations, they are often financed by membership fees or various taxed office supplies.

There is no specific location for these spaces, but they usually can be found near cities or other highly populated areas. As these are often advertised as such, locating these spaces requires only a simple google search or searching within a citywide website that identifies these office spaces. As each of these are different, check out their website to see which one best fits your needs.

Who thrives with this style?



Almost all professions are open to using these spaces; however, some are more common than others. Startup businesses, freelancers, corporations, and entrepreneurs most frequently occupy these spaces. Although many other professionals will use this area for their organization.

Are coworking spaces the future of business?

Although difficult to predict, there has been a significant rise in coworking spaces. Based on the success of these spaces, we can see a clear shift toward an unconventional work environment. However, many careers are most effectively practiced in a traditional setting. As many professions require a conventional workplace, it is unlikely to see coworking spaces take over the majority of traditionally organized businesses. Yet careers that allow their employees to work from home can thrive under this environment will continue to increase the availability of these spaces.  And the demand is sure to continue growing as more and more employers embrace a willingness to hire remote workers.