Store&Work36 offers climate-controlled space for your business or hobby. Store all your business/hobby inventory, get work done,
and even set up a desk to connect to high-speed internet included with your suite.

One price includes

  • Rent and utilities
  • wireless internet
  • common bathrooms and kitchenette
  • 24/7 access
  • Official USPS suite mailbox that provides the physical address necessary for Google My Business

Our easy lease allows you to focus on your business or hobby with no hidden costs. A Store&Work36 suite is perfect for the small business owner or hobbyist looking for indoor space outside of their home. Suites sizes can be customized to fit your needs. Call us to discuss more.

Suite Sizes:

Suite A – 374 sq. ft. – $650 per month
Suite B – 595 sq. ft. – $750 per month
Suite C – 900 sq. ft.– $900 per month
Suite D – 900 sq. ft. – $900 per month
Suite E – 1486 sq. ft. 
Suite F – 877 sq. ft.
Suite G – 948 sq. ft.
Suite H – 420 sq. ft. – $655 per month
Suite I – 500 sq. ft. – $720 per month


Is parking free?

Yes! Unlike spaces in Downtown Grand Rapids, our parking is completely free for our members. Plus, we have lots of it too!

What Internet Options Are Available?

We have both Comcast and AT&T available.  WIFI is provided, however, our members have the option to have their own dedicated service at their cost.

Is Internet Provided?

Yes. We offer free Comcast High Speed WiFi for all of our members.

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